In order to protect the data that is entrusted to us, Rentapóliza utilizes layers of administrative, technical, and physical security controls throughout our organization. The following sections describe a subset of our most frequently asked questions about control.


All data is encrypted in transit with TLS version 1.2, or 1.3 and 2,048 bit keys or better. Transport layer security (TLS) is also a default for customers who host their websites on the Rentapóliza platform.

Rentapóliza leverages several technologies to ensure stored data is encrypted at rest. Platform data is stored using AES-256 encryption. User passwords are hashed following industry best practices, and are encrypted at rest.


As described in our Privacy Policy, we do not sell your personal data to third parties. The protections described in this document and other protections that we have implemented are designed to ensure that your data stays private and unaltered.

Data Retention and Data Deletion

Customer data is retained for as long as you remain an active customer. Current and former customers can make written requests to have certain data deleted, and Rentapóliza will fulfill those requests as required by privacy rules and regulations. Rentapóliza retains certain data like logs and related metadata in order to address security, compliance, or statutory needs. Rentapóliza does not currently provide customers with the ability to define custom data retention policies.

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